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jun 9, 2010 - New URL AND new pattern

Dress*Up has moved over to its new home at http://housepotatoes.com/dressup. Please help by correcting any old links! Also, to celebrate, there's a new pattern available from the poll. Try out new yoked top pattern.

jan 17, 2010 - New pattern

Remember the poll you took so long ago about what pattern you wanted most? It's finally here ... check out the new knit bubble dress pattern.

jan 1, 2010 - Site revamp, chatting enabled

Happy New Year! I've made quite a few changes to the site that allows all of you to chat and share things. Look around, let me know what you think, and be nice to each other!

march 21, 2009 - Poll finished, translation links

Voting is over, and the winner is the gray bubble dress by a huge margin! I'll start working on the pattern right away. Thanks for all the nice comments even though I haven't updated in forever :) Which makes me wonder -- would you like to be on an email list for when updates happen? If so, sign up here, and I promise I will only use it for dressup/doll-related items.
Update #2: I've added links to Google Translate in the left bar for all the international users, hope it helps.

february 11, 2009 - Poll for new patterns, site updates

I'm glad to see that dress*up is still so popular, (welcome to all of you visiting from Russia).
I've been thinking of adding a few new patterns. No fancy illustrated instructions, just downloadable pattern pieces. Please vote for which ones in the poll here.


For more recent doings, visit the blog for doll-related posts and flickr for newer content that hasn't yet been added to dress*up.

march 26, 2006

Hoodie pattern, site revamp

june 01, 2005

Ruffly v-neck pattern

Mar 19, 2005

Site launch, cargo pant pattern