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March 19, 2005

usage policy use the patterns, let me know how it worked. don't redistribute them.

2-pocket Cargo Pants

Fun sturdy pants for momoko.
Download cargo pattern pdf (273kb)


notes: This pattern has been tested to fit the Petworks and Sekiguchi Momoko bodies.

pant legs 1


pocket flaps

pant legs 2


pant legs 3


You're all done!

ideas & variations

Try a camouflage pattern, knee-length shorts, or you can make a super-wide cargo.


Betsy from CO says...
I sewed the bottom hem before stitching the inner leg seams, and I found the waistband piece just too tiny to cope with, so I simply turned the waist seam allowance over and stitched it down. Voila - low rise pants!

If I were to make the pants again (which I may - my other girls now each want a pair...), I would finish the raw edges of the underlap and overlap before stitching the crotch seam - easier to get at, at that point, I think.

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