Sketchbook shirt and shorts for baby Pip by Jocelyn

So, it’s been a pretty busy year and then some. I’m going to slowly update in reverse order some things I’ve made for little Pip.

First up is a flower/ring boy outfit. The groomsmen were wearing white shirts, gray pants, and black suspenders. So I made him a pair of gray shorts with the cutest animal fabric shirt using the Oliver + S Sketchbook pattern.

Sketchbook shirt and shorts

The illustrations on the fabric were very dark, so I used the reverse side to make it a closer match to a white shirt. You too can get this amazing fabric (owl faces! squirrel faces! foxes, raccoons, bears!) at Superbuzzy, it’s called Menagerie (Indian Summer) in the color Onyx.

Sketchbook shirt and shorts
Before the buttons went in. Note the pattern matching across center front!

Super cute, right?!? Especially with the little baby suspenders.
Alas, I don’t have any great photos of him in the outfit because I was too busy at the wedding.

Sketchbook outfit for Pip at wedding

Notes on the pattern itself:
- I made the 12-18 month size, as Pip was ~13 months old at the wedding, and he had been trending at the next 6mo. size up for baby clothes. It ended up being the right size, although it was just a smidge big.
- While the actual functional pockets are adorable, they are unnecessary for a baby and can add quite a bit of bulk if you’re cutting it from your fashion (bottom-weight) fabric. I realized this halfway through and converted them into pretend pockets, but it looks a bit wonky. I’d recommend making pretend pockets up front or just drafting them out for little babies.
- Finished the shirt with flat-felled seams! The sides and armscyes are the only areas where you need to think about seam finishing, everywhere else, the pattern is drafted to enclose seam allowances.

Excuse the interruption… by Steve

He really, really loves solids…

veggies 2012 by Jocelyn

We dug all the garlic out of the ground today. In November or September, I decided to make a serious go at trying to grow an usable amount (vs. the typical random cloves stuck here and there) and filled up a whole bed with cloves.

Garlic 2012

Success! The sizes range from pretty impressive to small, and there are around 20. Probably should’ve taken them out a week earlier; on some of them, the tops were all dried up already.

In other veggie news …

Planted 4 tomato plants, a watermelon, a zucchini, and a cucumber about a month ago, all from starts. Also found a shiso plant in the Japanese grocery store, but I wasn’t very good about watering the seedlings and it’s pretty much a goner.

Did you know that Japanese shiso and Korean perilla are two different plants? I do now. I couldn’t find perilla plants anywhere, and we checked 2 different Korean grocery stores. I really wanted something to eat with samgyupsal …

We figured that was about as much gardening as we could handle this year.

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Mowing – the hard way by Steve

Grass that got to 2′-3′ tall since our push mower got buried somewhere behind 2 tons of books and furniture because of the remodel.


One new hand scythe. Have a smaller one with a serrated edge, but it’s also buried. The bigger blade and the smooth edge are actually way better for this job. Will be easier to sharpen later, too.


Hey, look. Fava beans.